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About Company

Transforming Connections with the Power of Coupons

Our Mission

Connecting Businesses and Customers Through Innovation

At Mezzofy, our name reflects our core mission: ‘Mezzo,’ meaning ‘connect’ in French, combined with ‘-fy,’ meaning ‘for you.’ We are dedicated to linking businesses with their customers through cutting-edge couponing technology, allowing them to focus on what matters most to them : growth and success.

We are not just building digital coupons or designing apps. We are pioneers in COUPONS MARKETING infrastructure, making it easy to create, share, redeem, and measure. Our goal is to elevate spirits, forge meaningful connections, unleash creativity, and enable focus, making life more vibrant through the joy of sharing.

By living up to the magic of joy, we have crafted our DIGITAL COUPON PLATFORM to facilitate beautiful connections between merchants and consumers.

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Our Recognition

We are proud to be recognised by some of the profound magazines and associations worldwide

Outstanding Leader
Forbes China

The 20 Most Admired Companies in 2023
The CIO World

The 10 Most Admired Companies to Watch 
The Technology Era

10 Best Performing Business Leader
Business Berg 2020

Best Digital Coupon Plaform
APAC Insider 2021

10 Best Startup of The Year
Silicon Review Magazine 2019

Our Clients & Partners

We're lucky to be trusted by thousands of merchants and partners

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